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Crafting Digital Video Experiences

When we sit to put together a video for you, the rest of the world goes away. We act as if we are your fan or viewer. We can portray whatever your video needs are to make it a memorable experience for your fans. After all, it's all about the memories and moments we create! Right?

About us

A Creative Agency where our Video's Move People.

Let's face it. Tickets are expensive and the fans are expecting more from the game operations department. Give them that extra with some flare from us. We know the scene and how to get those fans clapping, screaming, and pumped up to help energize the team. Give us a call and let's discuss your arena and needs.

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Scott Jensen - Lead Editor - Traffic Director
"In-Game Editor of the Colorado Avalanche for 14 years, Scott has had the privilege to work with the best of the best in the NHL to deliver an unsurpassed visual experience at Pepsi Center. He has been blessed with the opportunity to work with an amazing group of people to put together all the edits you see in this demo reel collection. Teaming with Game Directors, Coordinators, and the Avalanche Front office, he has edited a video piece for almost any hockey event you can imagine. A few of his extensive edits include the retirement ceremonies of Patrick Roy, Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote. You can watch those edits in the demo reel by category section below. Scott was also awarded the 5 Star Award in 2009 being recognized as one of the top 5 overall employees at Kroenke Sports and Entertainment/Pepsi Center. He has edited reunion videos and season recaps to man on the street bits and interviews with the players. Acclaimed and experienced he can bring ideas and excellence to your video programming. Scott is now a freelance editor and ready for hire as your personal Virtual Video Editor. Call today. Let's put something amazing together!"

Core Services. What we love to do.

Bring us on as your "Virtual Production Team". We love to help create moments throughout the season that Fans and Hockey Executives will talk about for years to come. Give us a call. Let's create some moments together!

Discovery & Strategy

Extensive Communication and planning for all our videos

We take the extra time in the beginning to make sure the revisions are few at the end. This creates excellent relationships and happy clients every time. We've been collaborating with Hockey teams since 2002. We get it!

Extensive Analysis

We put our all in every video no matter how big or small to make sure it creates maximum impact!

Digital Strategy

We can strategize the big picture also. Let us develop a "Look and Feel" for the whole season for continuity between your network and the in-game experience.

Season Long Support

It's about making it happen all season long

Make us your "Virtual Production Team" for the whole season. Whatever the needs no matter how big or small, we will be there every step of the way.

Customer Design Experience

We create what YOU want

We are more than happy to offer suggestions but know you are in charge. We LISTEN to your requests and needs for each video to make sure everything is done to your plan and wishes.

Experienced design is in the way you process design elements

Our design team is crazy talented. Let's have a brainstorm meeting and put something awesome together!

Interactive Design & Development

We are your "Virtual Production Team" ready to edit your video

What that means is we are set up to send and recieve large files easily. No need to mail Hard Drives of highlights and elements. Simply upload to our server and we are on our way. 21st Century at it's finest. Trust us, it's way easy.


Only the best of the best with crazy experience create your elements. Let us impress you.


Need something custom? A shuffle game? How about a whole team open in a virtual enviroment? We can handle it. Crazy Awesome Animators ready for action! --Actually the projects we like the best!

Audio Specialists

Need just an audio track? Maybe for the Ice Girls or a retirement ceremony? Maybe you need some Player Profile Imaging? Look at our Player Profile example below. We got your audio edits!

Voice Talent

We have a plethora of voices for you to choose from. Let's do a motivational piece! Love those!

Content Managment/Security

Keeping your content SAFE and ORGANIZED!

It's more than just editing. It's securing your video files and logging them in a quick access format.

Content Security

We treat your video like gold. We secure our servers and take extra precautions so your video stays only in house with us.

Content Logging

We have been organizing Hockey Video for a very long time. We know what works and what makes any clip easily accessable. Content can become a rat's nest but not with us.

Our Demo Reel

From the Biggest of Retirement Ceremonies like Patrick Roy, Peter Forsberg, Joe Sakic and others to Playoff Team Dinner videos, yearly Recap Videos, Player Profiles, In-Game Crowd Prompts, Noise Graphics, Interactive Animations like Shuffle Games, Man on the Street, to whatever else you can think of, we know the big and small projects and how to tackle them efficiently.

Retirement Vids

You get 1 shot for these events and it's got to be over the top! We understand the intensity of these projects and can manage them with you to create the emotion you are striving for.

Peter Forsberg Ceremony Retirement Video

Joe Sakic Ceremony Retirement Video

Adam Foote Ceremony Retirement Video

Peter Forsberg Closing Ceremony Music Video

Team Opens

One of the most critical videos of your operations. We have been doing Hockey Open Videos for over 14 years.

Avalanche Stretch Run and St. Patricks Day Open Vid

Avalanche Military Night Open Video

Avalanche Christmas Open Video

In-Game Features

Firing up the crowd fires up the team! These babies are our specialty. We love to make these all day long with just your highlights or mixed with movie clips like below.

Avalanche Hits and Fights Vid

Hockey Night in Colorado

Avalanche Fan Vid

Avalanche Mini Mites - Know Your Penalties

Avalanche - Time to Play The Game In-Game Pump-UP

Stingers for Open Videos

A great way to spice up your open is the Stinger. Place it right when the house goes dark and just before the open vid. Will totally change house dark and fire up the fans for the game! The stinger is a MUST for Playoff games. Each game each round. Blow Hockey Ops away with these for big games and Playoffs!

Avalanche Stinger Vid prior to the Open Vid

Player Profiles

Take your profiles to the next level. Crazy imaging for their open to this or that to sit down interviews. We have experience changing these up each season!

Player Profile Ryan O'Reilly Avalanche 2011

Player Profile Paul Stastny Avalanche 2014

Team Features

Fans love to get to know the team. Sitdown interviews with 20 questions does just that. You can ask a favorite food to what advice would you give to a young hockey player. We can help you with that list of questions for your interviews and put then together! Look at that... a one stop shop! We aim to please!

Best Advice for a Young Hockey Player

TV Spots

You gotta promote to sell tickets. We have been doing Ticket Spots for Years. Let's sit and discuss your look and feel and come up with something amazing!

Avalanche 2.5D TV Spot

TV Spots Compilation Reel

Year In Review Vids

Recaps for fans & marketing the next season. We can equip your corporate sales department with the tools they need to sell the sponsorship you need. Short promo vids to longform productions. You name it, we've done it!

1995-96 Avalanche Stanley Cup Year in Review

2009-10 Avalanche Year In Review

2011-12 Avalanche Year In Review

Graphics and Animation

From Crowd Prompts to Shuffle Games to Full CGI Open Videos, we can handle it! Give us a call, let's create!

Colorado Avalanche Crowd Prompts

Heavy After Effects Video Compilation FX Reel

Colorado Avalanche Crowd Prompts

Avalanche - Time to Play The Game In-Game Pump-UP

We turn great ideas into brilliant realities.

Call us today and let's create some Moments!

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